Angelina, also known as Angie: Farming is in the blood. Both my parents grew up on farms: my mom grew up on a chicken farm in the Petaluma area and when I was a child my grandparents converted the chicken farm to a pig farm and my dad lived on a dairy farm between Sebastopol and Santa Rosa. Living on a farm was never a dream of mine. However, I did enjoy visiting my grandparents' farms. Growing up in Santa Rosa, all I knew was that I was to go off to college and get a degree so I could get a great paying job. So, after graduating from college, I went to the SRJC then on to Sonoma State and Dominican College and became an elementary teacher. As many people know, I am never bored and enjoy being challenged, so I aspired to be an elementary school principal. That led me to graduate schools. Along the way, I met John and together we tackled one degree after another. After earning a doctorate in Educational Leadership from University of Southern California, I became an elementary school principal. After more than fifteen years in education, I decided to walk away from an excellent paying job to take time to do things I had no time to do. At the time, I had no idea I would find myself as a farmer with a new name, "The Nut Lady." Instead, I was thinking if I continued to go the way I was going, I would not make it to the golden years. As it has turned out, I am truly enjoying farm life. It was a blessing to have made the decision I did, but I must admit I do miss seeing students grow.
Gigi : She is our adorable Maltipoo dog who enjoys herding the chickens and turkeys. She definitely enjoys living the farm life. The large dogs let her be in charge, so she is the supervisor on the farm.
John: My wonderful husband and best friend. He is not only smart, but extremely creative and handy. Thank goodness he has lots of energy, because when he is not working as an attorney and a writer, he is busy on our farm. He grew up on a farm in Sebastopol and has experience raising animals.
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